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Tel: +353 (01) 5312821

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European Chilled Distribution

What is groupage?

Groupage is the ‘grouping’ together of several different consignments into a full trailer or container load which is then transported to its final place of destination before the shipments are delivered individually. Its also known as consolidation. This is more often than not the cheapest and most efficient way to transport goods.

Does that mean my consignment will take much longer to arrive?

No, not necessarily. Our groupage services have regular trailer departures dates, and regular transit times right across Europe, so in this regard you can be assured that your goods will travel when scheduled and will not be bumped until a trailer / container is full..

I don't have a forklift or access for a trailer - can you accommodate my needs?

No problem! We can provide vehicles with tail-lifts at both collection and delivery points in case you or your customer don't have mechanical lifting facilities. As long as we are made aware of any access restrictions at collection or delivery point, we can usually provide a smaller if needs be.

Are my goods in danger of being damaged if they're going with lots of other freight?

Absolutely not. Each and every consignment is handled with extreme care, so your goods will be in safe hands. We never load goods on top of freight labelled as ‘non stacking,’ machinery is strapped and properly secured for transit, food stuffs are always properly segregated, and all hazardous freight is carried in accordance with ADR guidelines.

Do you lose control of the freight with a groupage service?

No not at all. We retain just as much control over the whereabouts of a groupage shipment as we do over a full trailer load. We are in continuous communication with our partners drivers and warehouses across Europe so any change to your requirements can be affected immediately. Alternatively should you require a status update of your goods whereabouts or an estimated time of delivery we can provide you with this information within a few minutes of the request. Should there be any problem with the operation such as a breakdown, ferry delay or delay caused by the weather, we are notified immediately of any event that will impede the overall delivery schedule. Rest assured, we retain complete control over all of our shipped consignments, from small skids to multi pallet jobs.

Irish - European Groupage Carrier and Freight Forwarder

  What is Groupage

Shipping less than container or

less than part trailer load…?

Then we recommend Groupage.